Saturday, April 9, 2016

Meet Idaho


It has been a long time since I started this blog and I have changed so much. I meant to do a whole "Meet New York" segment and I just got busy. And by busy I mean I got pregnant again and had a baby. I'll probably retroactively blog on that birth experience but in the mean time I'll at least try to blog on current events to keep up with my own life and sanity. Since I have like 2 followers this is gonna pretty much just been a chronicling of my life for me; I'll share it with whoever can relate or just randomly wants insight into my life.

Here's what has happened with me since I last posted: Kent signed a contract with a hospital in Idaho and we now live in a sweet little town off the St. Joe River. I love it. It's like the 1950s doctoring Kent hoped for and has the the small town, outdoorsy, ruralness I like with some laid back west coast casualness, but the state itself is pretty conservative leaning libertarian more than anything. It is perfect for our geographically eclectic family. We have found quite a few families here like us who moved here for the same reason. They all like to have fun, have some neat skill or education, and mind their own business. It's peaceful. There does seem to be a mass Exodus out of California into Idaho and Montana which was worrisome at first but most seem to be people fed up with the pooh California is spewing. There's a few scattered liberals who destroyed their state and are trying to work on Idaho but at least it's better than Washington or New York (both places I've lived and did not appreciate the politics.) I'm sure that I sound crazy right about now but I assure you I am not a super survivalist or prepper (notice I didn't deny the crazy part), just logical, I like to mind my own business and I don't like people telling me what to do. If Ron Swanson's character off of Parks and Rec was an actual person, I would vote for him as president. In the mean time I think Rand Paul, a real person, would be great too.

I've gotten off on a tangent. I normally  like to keep things light-hearted and fun but I'm really hangry right now from training for a marathon. Sorry. When I get hangry I get cynical. For example, I just thought "Training for a marathon! I'm glad my $40,000 exercise physiology degree is finally paying off!" That decision making was pure awesomeness on 20 year old Brooke's part. What a dumb blonde she was. although I do enjoy reminiscing on drinking coffees all day long, reading books for school, and falsely thinking "oh my life is so busy!" I'd love to read a book right now. Any book. Physics, history, even my grandmas creepy pornographic looking romance novel, whatever. But as soon as I pick up the book four (yes four now!) little critters, cute but mischievous, would get poop somewhere or pee somewhere or pull a lighter out of who knows where and leave a path of mass destruction. I am sure of it. I have been trained to expect this by life.

I got off on a tangent again. My writing style- Tangential. Is that a thing? I'm claiming it if it's not. Just googled it. It's a thing. Well crap. Back to having nothing new to give to society today. Wow. That was super hangry commentary. Sorry about that. *Random Thought (as if the others aren't!): Can you be committed to a mental institution with your blog posts as evidence? Someone please let me know if that is the case. although. I kind of dream of sitting quietly in a clean soft white room in silence with nothing to do. Scratch that. Commit me. Just make sure it's a calm clean mental institution like where famous people rehab or something. *Sigh.* I do love momming but it is seriously really hard. Like really really hard. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I'm not even counting the four times I had natural childbirth part. That was the easy part!!! I have so much more respect for my mom and my grandmas now. I got tipsy one night Kent was watching the kids and I texted my mom this:

Wow. Tipsy at 4:44 PM super mom award right there. Since I tandem nurse it takes me like 1/2 a glass of wine to start sending out the crazy texts. But the sentiment is legit.
*If you're wondering she never responded to that text. She likes to avoid awkward moments. Good luck with avoiding the awkward moment storm that is your daughter mom. Bahahaha!

Anyway, I'm not even sure where I am in this blog post. The hangryness is taking me over. My 2 year old daughter just woke up in her urine because she had an accident potty training, and she is now nursing on me. I guess I better go deal with mom life. I will try to include more gaiety in my future posts or just eat a snack before I start a post. Maybe I should just finish this post with my new "hot mess" shirt I bought that pretty much describes my perfectly imperfect life. And apparently my writing style. Wait! Is that a thing? I claim it!

All my love from Idaho! <3

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  1. I love you and your hot mess writing style!! It's like I just sat down and had a conversation with you as I read this. What does that say about me?!?! lol Hot mess friends for life. ��