Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meet New York


I can see here that my last post was in February 2013. My apologies for not keeping up with my blog to the zero people who follow me. Hopefully you will find it in your nonexistent self to forgive me. So much has happened that I don’t know where to start so much like my life the following posts are sure to be disorganized and messy. C’est la vie! But where to even start… that is the question I am plagued with and perhaps that is why I am reluctant to start at all. I guess I will dive in head first like I always do and see how that goes. I haven’t drowned yet!
How about I start with the fact that I should perhaps change my blog title to “Meet New York?” doesn’t sound as catchy but it would certainly convey the fact that I up and moved cross country again. This time to New York. That’s right people, I had just gotten acclimated to the south and was feeling quite like a southern belle when God sent our family on a new adventure.
You know, I really did quite enjoy my stay in the south despite my diary entry upon arrival to Alabama in 2006 which stated that I was certain Birmingham, AL was the vortex to hell. To be fair the steam coming out of the manholes in late July, the giant Jurassic sized spiders, and scorpions loitering in my apartment complex were not the best first impression. Oh, Southerners must have loathed my snobby comments I kept making… “ In Washingon the weather is better”(Really old me ?!?!)… “In Washington we had mountains”… “Where’s the Nordstrom?”… “In Washington we called it Carls Jr.”…”In Washington people call it pop”…”Where’s all the drive through coffee shops?”… “I never had to worry about tornados in Washington”….what a pill I was. It was a blessing my sweet southern husband and his family put up with me. But now as I am in a new cultural territory I have to fight doing the same thing all over again but for my southern comforts “Where is chick-fil-a?”… “Where is tazikis?” (by now you realized most my woes are food quality related, what a blessed country we live in that that’s by big concern.)….”In Alabama people were friendlier”….”The fireflies were easier to catch in Alabama” (seriously, New York ones blink faster and fly faster, almost like they know they should hurry here)….What a pill I still am by the grace of God I pray I will be sanctified and become increasingly happy and able to enjoy all my circumstances. So as an exercise I will list a few things I did love in Alabama.
1)   Family

2)   The thriving churches that God uses to support the communities so much
3)   Fireflies- that are slow and easy to catch for 3 and 4 year olds
4)   BBQ- No seriously, real southern BBQ not the knock off stuff. With lots of white BBQ sauce all vinegary and messy and cole-slawy (yeah I just did that to that word deal with it)…yummmm
5)   Coconut cream pie, pecan pie, butter cream pie. Man! now I’m hungry for pie..
6)   Southern hospitality
7)   Southern belle fashion
8)   Chick-fil-a
9)   Tazikis
10) I’ll go ahead and throw out the Huntsville bike shops and track clubs so you guys don’t think I eat all that food and don’t exercise. But seriously, Huntsville had some seriously highly intelligent and super fit people living there and I don’t think that’s what most people think of when they think of the south so I have to put that out there. 

I really will miss Alabama. When people ask me where I from up here a lot of times I find myself saying “Alabama” and Kent actually corrects me. Funny looking back on it though, it’s like my new life with my new little family all started there. Awwww.  Tear. :,)That said for those who don’t know Kent graduated from his residency in family medicine, (yay!) and he got a fellowship in Maternal and Child Medicine in New York and that is why we road tripped it up to our new home. We settled in here on July 1st  and since then I have found many a good things to be thankful for. Here goes:
1)   Our new sweet amazing church
2)   Wegmans
3)   Awesome 4th of July parades nothing makes you feel more patriotic than 4th of July in New York)

4)   Very agreeable summer weather (I’ve been forewarned about the winter though so no need to remind me)
5)   Wonderful soft soil for planting (I haven’t murdered any plants since I started gardening for a week now. That’s a new record)
6)   Lots and lots of parks all over the place!
7)   More tummy friendly foods available like unprocessed, gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, vegan, non-gmo… whatever your tummy needs is here and it’s probably at Wegmans in shiny pretty packaging.

8)   Great lakes and finger lakes, oh and Niagara falls! There is just something about living by the water that makes me feel better.( I think my ancestry just screams that I need to live by the water, have kids, and eat potatoes and fish. Which is all fine by me because that sounds like a pretty good life)

9)   Basements! I really don’t want to be snobby to the south again but why in tornado alley don’t you people put basements in when you build a house!?! (Sorry, I am still working some tornado anxiety out of my system)
10)                      This is where God chose to send us right now. While it is certainly an adventure I am thankful to know that God has a plan and this time I am going to try very hard not to kick and scream about it this go around. Psalm 118:23-24 This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day that the Lord has made;  let us rejoice and be glad in it.

*I will certainly try to update my posts more frequently. In fact I think I need to post a birth story on the latest addition of our family Britta Marie who is now one. Ahh…. I remember why I got too busy and quit posting now…well there you have it. Unless I get pregnant again I have a good enough grip on my life to have time to post consistently. Knock on wood… 

All my Love From New york

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