Thursday, January 3, 2013

Make your own personalized penmanship sheets

I found this great page that is kind of like fonts for peas but it has all kinds of dashed penmanship fonts you can save to your computer. The page is . I'm so excited to teach Julian how to write his own name. I used the tutorial from fronts for peas to figure out how to get it into my fonts with some alterations.

I save the file, then extract the file, the move it to the fonts files under computer--> local disc (C:) --> windows-->fonts.
Then I make sure I remember the font name and go find it under my font list in publisher, word, etc, and I start using it! I put them in 150 size font in  a text box and fill the whole page. You can alter it with color, boldness, etc. just like you do with all fonts. There's so much you can do! Let me know how it works for you.

Always learning
 from Alabama

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