Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to turn clip art into coloring sheets on publisher

Once again, I was really excited to discover this, but it may be something everybody else already knew how to do. If your not one of those people who is way more talented than me on computers, then here are the instructions on how to turn clip art into coloring sheets on publisher  for your kiddos.

1) Right click on your clip art
2) Click "format picture"

3) Under the picture tab click the "recolor button"

 4) Select the white square for your color for a white fill of your picture

5) Click the "leave black parts black circle"

6)Click "OK"
(Hey! I just realized they don't even bother to write out the word "okay"...What Cancel and apply couldn't have also been abbreviated to 2 letters? They abbreviated the four letter word to two...really?Lazy. I say if scrabble doesn't recognize it as a word in their dictionary, that is not "okay."

All righty, the directions and that random rant on publishers laziness that is probably dumbing-down future generations of already spelling impaired chronic texters is all I have for you today.

G2G K Bai,

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