Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our trip to WA:

Port Orchard is such a darling little town with a wonderful view. My grandma is so cute, she told me growing up they used to call it "po dunk" (she grew up in Bremerton and they were rivals.) But they have done some serious work on port orchard and it is just to cute and friendly not to visit.

There's us and my healthy 80 something grandma trucking along. 
 The view is amazing!
 We actually by luck dropped in on the day they had Taste of Port orchard, and boy do I love my food so I was stoked!
 Kent was stoked there was a steppenwolf tribute band. 
(Grandma was not so much, although surprisingly enough she did say she liked the magic carpet ride song. OMG! Hillarious.)

 Real angry birds! This is too amazing for Julian. It was like a dream come true. Thanks rotary club!

And you know when you're in the PNW when there is art everywhere.

My boys enjoying being artistic.

 The waterfront in Port orchard had a great little playground for kids and surprisingly clean bathrooms as well. And it's all withing walking distance to cute restaurants and shops. I very highly recommend visiting. A+++ for kid friendliness!

A+++ for Kent friendly (especially because that's a beer garden in the background )

I see skies of blue!
Love from Port orchard, Washington

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