Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our trip to WA: Heaven on the Hood Canal

I love the Hood Canal. It has always been one of my most enjoyable places to visit. Lots of my family lives up by it so it is so nice to be with family and be surrounded by the beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation.

The one family pic we have gotten since Christmas and Boaz did not want to cooperate.

 Paige, Boaz and Julian
(Jude was there too but was so active I couldn't get him to stay in a frame)


 Kent, Dad, Julian
 Kent, dad, Julian, &  Uncle Russ

 Dad and uncle Russ caught fish. Julian was pretty excited

Kent using his surgical skills to clean the fish.

 My boys

Studying marine life
 our tired shoes!

 My wonderful cousin Ali showing Kent how to clean crab. You go girl!

 Kent's going all manly in the PNW out doors.
Oh, la la!

Julian and Ali cleaning crab. Julian saw me posting this picture and said "I like crab meat!" 
Me too Julian.
 My uncle Russ and his brother fishing. I love family togetherness.

 Ali and my Aunt Donna, who she gets all her wonderfulness from. :)
Ah and more family togetherness too!

 :( leaving. We're gonna miss this.

"We're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast."

All our love from Hood Canal, Washington

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