Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our trip to WA: A day at the dairy

Our first fresh morning back in Washington my dad had the very creative and original idea to take us to an organic dairy. You can tell we are such nerds by the fact that Kent was delighted at the prospect of having all his contemplations on the logistics of the dairy business answered.
 The boys were excited too.
 This is Julian, Paige (T.C. and Ty's daughter) , and Jude feeding the cow with  the dairy dude. I'm pretty sure his name was John. It was really awesome to see the happenings of an organic dairy, I'm telling you there is a huge difference! Buy Organic Valley, these nice people supply them.

 This is Jill and Boaz making friends with the calf.

 My little farmers

It was a great day and a really unique thing to do if you're ever in the area. 
Love from Chehalis, Washington

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