Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Birmingham Zoo

Today I woke up and realized that I had epically failed in having a plan for the day. The boys were running around like crazy and I was setting up to have a stressful day. so instead I threw the boys in the car and drove them to the Birmingham zoo. I thought hey if I am gonna be stressed out, at least let the boys have as much fun as they can. As it turns out going to the zoo wasn't stressful for me at all. Yay for everyone! Here's some of our pictures for sharing.

 See Julians giraffe in his hand? He wanted to bring a toy animal to match all the real life ones. The logistics of that goal eventually got complicated.

 And there he is matching his toy zebra with the real thing.

 my sweet boys <3

 My little lion

The red pandas were actually really neat. I never knew they existed until today. They were pretty active too. Cool beans.

Feeding the giraffes is awesome and a must do at the Birmingham Zoo but make sure you know the feeding times or you could get the kids all excited for it, then realize you just missed it by 5 minutes. UGH! Also when there is bad weather, they move the giraffes to another area and they don't let them come back for the day, even if the weather clears so pay attention to that  too.

 The train. bring cash to pay for this because if it rains you have to go all the way back to the gift shop to buy a ticket. Our conductor was awesome though and super nice. I just had to say that because I love seeing people who enjoy their jobs and do them well (why is that so hard to come by these days?)

 I would really like to emphasize how horribly muggy and hot the zoo was. I just wanted to go home and shower. That's why I look terrible in this picture but alas it's like the only one I have of me and the boys because I'm always behind the camera, so it's a keeper!
 The boys and the alligator snapping turtle. I don't know what is creepier this, or an alligator gar. Sheish, Alabama likes their gators.

 I just thought that this picture of Boaz was really neat.

And the padded pop jet fountains. the boys loved it. We literally spent all day at the Birmingham zoo and still didn't get to see everything. This is a great zoo for toddlers which is much appreciated. If you can't see in the picture there is a carousel right behind the fountain. There is also a playground and lots of shade in this area. They don't let you bring your own food into the zoo however so be prepared to eat in the parking lot, go hungry, or sneak some nibbles when no one is looking. :)

Sending some Birmingham love out today from Alabama 

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