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Over barely there eyebrows

Over barely there eyebrows


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Maybe it's because I moved from west coast to east coast, or maybe it's growing up from teens to mid twenties but I'm am so over barely there eyebrows. The truth is that I never intended mine to be barely there in the first place but unless you go to a very good esthetician, eventually they dwindle down from OCD tweezeaholics. It starts with just cleaning them up and then next thing you know. Bam! Pencil eyebrow like Jillian on hells kitchen (all though she was my favorite and I still wish that she'd won.)

Now I am not one of those people that opposes tweezing eyebrows all together but I think there is way more to the art of eyebrow sculpture than tweezing. You see each hair follicle goes through several cycles of falling out and regrowing for eyebrows this process takes about four months for one cycle (keep in mind not all hairs are in the same phase of the cycle.) So if you have over plucked your eyebrows it can take up to 64 days to grow your eyebrows back ass all your little eyebrow hairs go through their cycles.

Many people claim over plucking makes your eyebrows not grow back, I'm not convinced of that, I'm more convinced people slowly over plucked their eyebrows and really mean they can't get their eyebrows to grow back in the perfect shape they were in before over the course of a couple days. So then they get uncomfortable and go back to plucking. Also take into account aging does change hair growth patterns and usually not to ones liking so if the person is getting into their old age like one of those nice old ladies with their eyebrows drawn on in the women's department at sears, don't assume they over plucked assume they are getting old. It's a way better guess. And yes, even if they tell you that plucking was the culprit, that does not mean you can rule out aging ( I wouldn't tell them that part.) I'm sure it's way easier to say you over plucked than that you are so old your hair won't stay on your head.

Yes in anatomy we also learned that the follicle only facilitates so many of these growth cycles, leaving some to speculate that pulling a hair out somehow accelerates the cycles. I'm not convinced. First off, show me the study. No seriously, show me the study. I started looking for one and realized I was completely sidetracked when I found myself reading in depth about Waardenburg syndrome, a completely unrelated topic. But just before I had to cut myself off from Google searching, I did see a lot of studies that seem conflicting and are enough to tell me I'm not convinced that pulling out one hair alters the eruption of the subsequent hair. I'm also skeptical about tweezing damaging the hair follicle. I say doubtful. More likely impatient neat freaks are the culprit.

Let me try to bring myself back on topic here. As I mentioned I am not knocking care and attention to the eyebrows, I just think it make take more artistic skills than waxing or plucking. For example, I think many a good ladies could just start with a good trim, then if your worried about the hair follicles your not disturbing them. Also a simple trim may clean up the long twirly-wirlys more evenly than plucking here and there. Then lastly, you clean up the stragglers with very conservative plucking, cause yeah, some eye brow hairs don't belong near your superior palpebral sulcus.

Yup that's what those little brushes are for-trimming. Have you noticed if you go somewhere cheap to get an eyebrow wax they don't trim your eyebrows? That's probably a bad sign and they may be pluck happy. Additionally if you decide to grow your eyebrows back, an eyebrow pencil may help. No, not to draw one swoop of an eyebrow but to fill in the blanks until you get your eyebrows back.

So back to my original question? To grow or not to grow?

obviously if you've seen me in the past 64 days you know the answer, or you can just look at the picture. I used the Aveda petal essence eye definer in sepia to fill in the blanks over time. This other saloon showed me some powder stuff you brush on that looked like it worked well too so you have options. In these pictures I don't have any makeup on other than the eye definer and some burtes bees lip gloss so you know exactly what effect the eye definer causes. I grew mine back out and feel more confident and more natural. Even without all my other makeup on. Eyebrows really add a lot to your facial features so take care of yours!

Best brow wishes from Alabama

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