Monday, August 6, 2012

A quick braid and I look like a nurse maid

Ignore the title, it doesn't make much sense, I just was excited I could rhyme I guess.

Here's the real story: With the babies I rarely get time to shower. In fact I normally go to the YMCA and shower after I work out because that's the only way I can shower undisturbed. With rarely getting an at home shower, you can imagine how often I get to blow dry my hair. So I've been experimenting with alternate hair styles. I never realized how hard these are to accomplish. Apparently, I have always had my hair down or in a ponytail. For the past two weeks I have been practicing braiding I started doing a small french braid to the right side of my head and I would tie it off when my arms would get tired. then I would just pull my hair into a messy bun on the other side of my head and it looked more intended than it was. Really the whole thing was just repeating the fine motor movement and dexterity with those muscle fibers we don't bother to fine tune at the gym. Anyway today my fine tuning came to fruition.

This morning the babies were watching elmo quietly so I thought I could sneak into the bathroom and take a shower without them noticing. And I did! Hallelujah! After the shower I peaked my head out in a very stealth like manner and realized I still had some time to do my hair. How much? I didn't know so I chose to try the braid because if they interrupt that I can just tie it off where as if they interrupt hair drying I just get frizzy hair all day. But low and behold I made it all the way around my head and to the end. A first for me. And then I looked at it and was like what the heck do I do with this?!? (BTW the photo is cropped and re colored for your ocular well being, just focus on the hair.)

So what I decided to do with my crazy extra hair was pull it back and with 2 bobby pins I just tucked it behind the braid. It actually made for a great twist in the style. I had to squat in this picture below to get a picture of my hair in a mirror in a mirror so once again, just pay attention to the hair. I have no idea how all these other cool bloggers get such neat angled pictures of themselves, do they just have a photographer following them around all day? Maybe someday I will learn their secret, until then crappy iphone mirror in mirror pics is all you get. Sorry.

And here's the front. I kind of like the 1940s style it turned out to be. Wonderful. No makeup here keep focusing on the hair. The cool thing about this style is that a french tight braid actually hurts my scalp/head less than a loose ponytail even with the bobby pins. I think it's because the hair follicules are deviated less from their origin and are less irritated. I'm pretty succeptable to migraines and headaches so this is important to me, other people are probably like "what the heck is she talking about?" If you get it you get it, if you don't you don't. Bygones.

Anyway remember when I said I thought I had all this quiet free time to do this? Well my babies are a lot like their momma. They can be ninja quiet too. Also they too are only dressed in their scivvies. I found my little jungle babies on an adventure in the back yard. Julian said he was on the "Diego snake path."

"and the muddy mud pit"

The moral of this story is stick to showers and hair styling at the Y while someone is watching my kids. But also Yay for good hair day!

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