Friday, July 13, 2012

These are a few of my favorite Southern things: catching fireflies in a jar

Too often I get caught up on all the "bad things" I see in the South. it drives my husband crazy, and rightly so as this is where he was born and raised. Every so often I catch him rolling his eyes when I start to say "in Washington nobody did that" or "in Washington we didn't have to deal with that." Talk about me being the "C" word. That's right a Cranky Sue ;)

Now, I make an honest effort to enjoy what the South has to offer. After all shouldn't we enjoy what God has created for us no matter where we are? [insert appropriate bible verse here, I know there is one!]

That said, here is something I love love love about the South!

It's so simple yet so beautiful.
We pulled up into our new home one night and our lawn had twinkly little lights all over it. Man made light displays dim in comparison to the raw natural God crated beauty that lit up our home. It put a pure simple joy in my heart that I felt like was a small taste of heaven. The boys loved it and were overjoyed spending the rest of the evening chasing the fireflies around. Only for catch and release of course. :)

My iphone camera of course could not do the actual event any justice but I'm still impressed it caught the fireflies on camera because they are flickering all the time.

Fireflies are actually incredibly easy to catch. Boaz who was not even two at the time had more problems with catching them then accidentally extinguishing them rather than not catching them at all.

We had to learn how to be a good steward of Gods earth.

As I said this is most definitely something I love about the south and will be a wonderful memory that will always burn bright in my heart.

Shine bright,

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