Monday, July 30, 2012

Rescue Pack Song

You know you are a mommy when you get excited about knowing all the lyrics to the rescue pack song on Diego. Kent and I have been making rescue pack jokes for a while now. It sounds silly but I guess comedy is yet another way for us to cope with the life changes from single, young, and carefree to married with two kids in 3 years flat. Of course we love our life but I think it may be hard for the youngsters out there to get why Kent and I find rescue pack so silly. So I list some of the reasons, and if you are like Kent and I and have been speculating about the ambiguous rescue pack lyrics well hold on and read through it because I reveal the answer, with credible sources to back it up! but first the top 3 reasons why rescue pack is silly.

1) When Rescue Pack gets stuck under a tree, despite his amazing ability to turn into literally "whatever you need" he cannot turn anything useful to save his own buttons.

2) Rescue Pack is not very smart he doesn't know the difference between an anvil, a rock, and boat when trying to find something that floats to help Diego. Diego must have a very small budget for magical accessories as part of his animal rescuer benefits, but hey there aren't many places that will hire an 8 year old to rescue Jaguars. I guess that also explain why Diego is working in South America too now that I think about it, they do have lax child labor laws...hrrmmm..

3) Rescue pack appears to rely on the help of my 2 year old and 3 year old to decipher his perplexing predicaments. How he can translate Boaz's grunts to mean "hot air balloon" is beyond me, he may be an idiot backpack savant in that respect. Here's another thought, rescue pack should just turn into a Nook or an Ipad sometime and use himself to Wikipedia or Google "things that float," "things that fly," "child labor laws," and "venomous animals that can indeed kill an 8 year old"

alright now that you have sat through my sad attempt at bashing a young boys dreams of being an 8 year old animal rescuer with a mentally handicapped backpack in a deadly jungle here are the lyrics no one knows:

o rescue pack!
I'm rescue pack coming to the rescue ( al rescate)
rescue pack coming to the rescue
I'm rescue pack I got your back
I can turn into a parasail or a kayak
a zipboard a snow board whatever you need
we can do it nothing to it
a rescue pack coming to the rescue ( al rescate)
rescue pack coming to the rescue
ahhhhhh rescue pack!!

Yes he was saying zip board not "see board" Ms. Sherlychanny on yahoo answers thank you very much. You would be surprised how many Google searches yielded people looking for the same question to be answered but no answer. (Oh and a parasol is an umbrella lady get it straight!) I digress though, anyway he clearly turns into to this strange looking thing when he says the obscure lyrics. In season 1 episode 10 Chito and Rita the spectacled bears after seeking the advice (read grunting) of my brilliant 2 year old, Rescue Pack says to tell diego he needs a zipboard to save the so and sos. Bam! Now I can die happy knowing that all my lifes questions have been answered. and if that's not enough proof for you this random transcript site supports my claim so I argue that it is a very credible site. Or at least more credible than yahoo answers.

Wow. That was by far my most exciting post ever, I'm so glad I decided to share that information instead of study for my nursing test. If you hear I'm repeating a class after this semester just know it was for the sole purpose of answering one of lifes mysteries and sharing it with the world.

Did a parasail write this blog post?.... No....
Did a Zipboard write this blogpost?...No.....
Did Alabama write this blog post?...
yes! it's from Alabama


  1. This is one of the many reasons I love you so much!! :) lol Misssssssss you Brookie!!

  2. Because I'm crazy? LOL! Thanks Mary I miss you too, I'm glad I get to visit you soon.

  3. Yes...because you are crazy!! I miss my crazy best friend. :) I'm so excited to see you!! :) :) YAY