Monday, July 16, 2012

Julian's birth story

There's an episode on family guy where quagmire has to distract the women folk where Peter is driving somewhere crazy. The first thing he thinks to ask to keep them talking and distracted was something like can you tell me what childbirth is like? The women spent the rest of the car ride telling their birth stories. It was pretty funny. Women love to tell their birth stories. So as not to disappoint the general tradition of things I'll share mine. If you don't like hearing birth stories, then take solace in the fact that putting this on my blog may be just the outlet I need and may indeed shut me up about it for years to come because I can just refer people to my blog.  But for those interested in seeing how a natural childbirth happens, here it is.

Julian's birth: I was staying at my sisters in Birmingham because I was giving birth at Brookwood hospital in Birmingham, AL. My husband was staying in Tuscaloosa, AL and going to med school there everyday. It was very hard for me to not be around Kent and after a week of it I really wanted to give birth so Kent would have a legit reason for leaving and missing school. I was 39 weeks and a couple days. My sister said her labor started after she did a sewing project one night so I went ahead and tried it out. No labor and I sewed the bottom of a doll sized dress shut so no good clothing production either.
 The next day I stepped it up a notch and bounced on a birth ball most of the day. It worked and my contractions started. My niece Delainey enjoyed it. I was really hoping to open my pelvis and get Julian to drop a little. I felt like I was glowing at the time. Now I look at this picture and think I look like what would happen if Princess Lolly from Candyland got knocked up. Hormones make you make odd fashion decisions.

I am very sure that I will regret posting this picture. But this picture will hopefully serve as a warning for some of you: if told in early labor to save your energy, you best should do that no matter how perky you feel. And yes, there was another costume change. Everything made me look fat.Lol!
aww My sister told me to smile for this picture and I'm glad she did. I spent all night and morning at my sisters house. I walked up and down the hill by her house pausing to sway during contractions. When I got done walking she would massage my legs. In return I vomited on her guest bed. I had some intense contractions but they were all 8 minutes apart for a really long time. I was shaking and working hard to maintain composure until finally I said it's time to go in.

 Daddy Kent here agreed. This is him being calm, cool, and collective all while rocking an awesome 'stache. He had been wanting me to go in for a while at this point so I think this made him happy.
Now some of you are like what? You went to the hospital with contractions 8 minutes apart? bad doula?! But let me tell you, they checked me and I was at 8 cm. So here I am at the old Brookwood building and old Brookwood was always full so I labored in triage for quite some time. Not very much privacy or room. I'm glad they got a new building up.
 There is some awesome counter pressure going on there for my back labor. (Don't look too closely or you'll see side boob.)  Turns out Julian was Brow presentation and OP. Ouch, I'm think that would explain why my contractions were 8 minutes apart most my laborr. I cried when the doctor told me that because brow presentation babies usually end up c section. Oh, and it disqualified me from my desired water birth. Not fun to be doing so much hard work and then be told your "disqualified."But my doctor said because I had come in so far along he was willing to let me try. (I want to say something after that comment but I'll abstain.) 

I had to get Julian's chin to catch my pelvic bone and tuck his head down. How do you do this? Lots of modified lunges. I raised the bed up waist high, propped my bent leg up on it and swayed back and forth during every contraction. It worked! When I felt the urge to push I tilted the back of the bed up and pushed him out behind me while I squatted over the back of the bed. He came out fast! So fast I got a second degree tear. I should have breathed that little guy out slowly. And the end result of that 16 hours of labor was getting to see my beautiful lil man. :)

There's my awesome doula/sister. 
I also had an awesome nurse named Shelly, if anyone knows her tell her I said thanks. I have so many memories of how sweet, smart, and kind she was to me, which can be a rare find today with nurses if your going natural in a hospital.

And me and Julian. They make you sit in a wheelchair but I felt so good after birth I could have done a jig and had a party...hrmmm...a birth party...starting to see why people with home births have those. 

Drug free is the way to be!

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