Friday, July 13, 2012

Father son haircuts at Roosters

 I really wanted to give a shout out to roosters for doing awesome with little boys and mens haircuts.

 It took Kent forever to warm up to the idea of an actual stylist cutting his hair but Roosters really caters to men by giving them free drinks and actually grooming their facial hair with warm towels, real old school shaves, even eyebrow trimming in the manliest sense of course. Their waiting room is filled with historical war books, books about whiskey, and books about cars. Oh, and an old historical Huntsville magazine which is printed the style magazines from the 1950s were printed. Kent loves the old conservative style of the 1950s and just feels more relaxed in this type of environment, honestly I think most men who weren't raised by/committed to a woman with a degree in angry woman's studies do enjoy this environment. But roosters is clever that they actually give the men modern hair styles and relaxation type services without giving them a lingering feeling of femininity for good grooming habits.

This said, going to a barber type shop seemed like something little boys should treasure and enjoy with their daddies akin to fishing and camping. and I wanted it documented. So I had Julian and Boaz go get their first daddy son haircuts together. The boys seeing Kent get his hair cut made it way easier on them to get theirs done too. Julian got his when he was 2 and Boaz isn't even two yet in his pictures.

Boaz's before picture:

 Getting my sweet baby memento:

And after:


Happy lil' man!

old style haircuts are perfect in Alabama

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