Friday, June 15, 2012

house warming party invite

Yay. We are finally established in our new house and we are running a small house warming party with Kent's family. I'm pretty excited to host a planned and organized event. I am pretty proud of the invite I made with fonts for peas . So I just wanted to share it. Let me know what you think.

Want to make your own? Go to the link above for the fonts for peas fonts; it has easy downloadable directions. I the card it in publisher on an 8x11and just added the text. The text is pea gabe and the doodles are pea joy family doodles. It's all text, except the arrow I inserted as a shape and inserted text into it (which I then censored for this page for privacy). No text wrap around the sun and none around the arrow. Then when I went to save, I saved it as a jpeg so I could e-mail it as a picture to everyone. Took 5 minutes and saved a lot of paper. If you don't have publisher and your a student go get all the microsoft office from your school bookstore for $10 while you can, best prgoram ever for making everything!!!

xoxo from a warm Alabama

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