Saturday, May 12, 2012

Local Mothers Discuss Controversial TIME Cover

Local Mothers Discuss Controversial TIME Cover: People have been talking about the TIME magazine cover photo that shows mom breastfeeding a nearly four year old child and opinions have been blowing up social media.

Just wanted to share this. Britta Edmonds! That's my sister!

My thoughts: I love that people breastfeed this long and I think the benefits of breastfeeding need more attention (especially in our obese, diabetic, allergy and ear infection inflicted population. Yes, breastfeeding lowers risk of all these things) but most mommas I know don't do a super sexy pose while breastfeeding. They also usually do it at home in a quiet serene enviorment and most people don't even notice. FYI I am tandem breastfeeing still with my eldest almost being 3 and am more than happy to share with anyone interested the health benefits and science that supports my continuation of breastfeeding at this age. I'm am so proud that my sister got to be a part of this. Super momma/doula!

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