Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy barrel curls with a flat iron: 2 minutes tops!

I know that I have been ranting about how awesome my sister is and all this sisterly love may be sickening to some. Well tough cookies, she just got even more awesome. All she did was point out that barrel curls can be easily made with a flat iron. And then the clouds opened up and a light shined on me as I smiled with glee. You see I have tried to do barrel curls in my hair so many different ways. They just do not happen with curlers in my hair because my hair is so thick so after what seemed like hours of putting curlers in my hair then letting them sit forever without letting them fall out, they still never turn out right. My hair stylist then told me a curling iron is the only way to do them. That took forever, made my arms tired, and the curling iron pulled out several of my hairs. No fun. :(

So when my sister told me this I had to try it. I just divided my hair into 4 different quadrants, I didn't even use a comb when I did this I was in such a hurry. Then I used my finger and twirled one quadrant at a time really tight. Then I just took my flat iron and went down it very slowly like the picture up there shows. when I was all done I sprayed some hairspray on it and I was good to go. It lasted all night. Next time I won't be some lazy and maybe I will divide my hair into more sections so there's the appearance of more volume.

Anyway I was so excited that I just wanted to share just in case there was anyone out there with the same hair problems as me.

You know us southern belles love our curly locks. :)

sending love to y'all from Alabama


  1. I am going to try it!
    I have been trying so long for those types of curls!
    love Noelle!

  2. Good luck. let me know what you think about it!