Friday, March 30, 2012

Why I am leaving Facebook

When I joined Facebook it was mostly because I live all the way across the country from my friends and family back home. Facebook was a way for us all to stay in touch and see what was going on with each others families. I had no idea how to really use Facebook at first lots of people messaged me and I didn't know how to check messages so lots of people didn't get responses...there was definitely a learning curve and I dedicated my time and effort as part investment to stay close to the people I cared about. (Mind you this was pre marriage and having two babies.)

The privacy settings were simple at straight foreword at the time, and I knew how to "unlike" pages that I accidentally clicked or clicked before I knew what the page was entirely about. It was also a time where I was naive to just how different everyone's political and religious opinions were.

Jump to today to what Facebook is to me today:

1) A giant time sink, I have been using it for so long I find myself magnetically pulled to it even when I know there is nothing productive I can possibly be doing on it. It used to be something I got around to if I had the time- after I studied, read the bible, took care of my house, and the kids. Now it has some how snuck it's way up to one of my top priorities. Your tricksy Facebook but I caught you...

2) Privacy settings are getting very complex. Because so many people want to post stuff where their friends can see, but not their dad, or their church to see but not their friends...blah, blah, blah, privacy settings have gotten out of this world complicated. Personally I shoot for consistency in my character no matter who I encounter so I just wanted everything to be limited to my "friends" (meaning everyone I've friend-ed.) So I clicked that for default but somehow it still keeps defaulting to public. Which is not okay for various privacy reasons I think most can agree on. I also still cannot figure out how to make my cover photo and profile photo on Facebook completely restricted to friends. Guess what Facebook? If I want my profile to be private why the heck do you think I want my personal pictures displayed for people I don't want to know I exist? I'm sure there are ways all around these things but I don't have the time anymore to go through that learning curve again. I have a blog for those I want to keep informed on my life, I have pintrest which is way less big brother than Facebook is becoming, I have e-mail, I have a cell phone, oh and I have a physical body that can walk up to you shake your hand, and talk. All those things are ways communicate with the rest of mankind without draining my time and energy.

3) Timeline sucks. I can't say it enough. How do you keep an already ADHD population of Americans interested. Overwhelm them with more boxes, options, stories, and adds. Someone told me there is a way around this but once again, If I have to keep investing time to keep my page the way it was how 'bout I just go back to the way that it was before Facebook? Remember the good ol' days where you actually saw and talked to the people you knew?

4) Facebook ruins friends for me. I'm no psychologist here but I think there is a natural and healthy way people meet, realize they have some common interests, become friends, and slowly get to know each other. I can't tell you how many people I've met, added them to my Facebook and had all their crazy in-your-face philosophies thrown all over my wall. Yes I know I can hide them, but that doesn't change the fact that is one quick way to end a would be friendship. Had it been more slowly, I could have tolerated the craziness better. Its like instead of vaccinating people you inject an extremely virulent high concentration live virus that overwhelms them and kills them. Take a minute to get to know me and say "hi" before you unleash. I find really the best friends stay without Facebook and if someone really needed Facebook to be my friend I question how dedicated of a friend they really ever were. Really that says to me, I only talk to you when I'm bored.

I could keep going on with the list but I'd rather move on with my life and start using my time more productively instead of on rants (which is another reason Facebook must go for me.) I will say this though. The reason that I hung on so long was because I had a ton of photos that were only on Facebook and nowhere else but Kent found a wonderful way to automatically download them to the computer So now I have nothing to cling to. And when I say go off Facebook I mean permanently deleting my account so it can never be reactivated. Kind of scary how much research Kent and I had to do to figure out how to do that, but we found a way. When Kent gets home tonight we are saying goodbye to Facebook forever.

Since I can't post these on Facebook anymore here are some articles for you to mull over:

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Am I that paranoid about Facebook? I could see how it could be used for some bad stuff or not but if I take a look at the risk/benefits here. Is my privacy worth the benefit of time wasting entertainment? I go with no.

Goodbye Facebook from Alabama!


  1. So good and so true!! I am inspired!! Sadly it may take me a little longer to get to this point but I hope I do. Tricksy Facebook...loved that!! :)


    1. LOL. It took me forever to get to this point. I have been wanting to for so long. And I'm already experiencing withdraws. Today I was trying to figure out the name of someones spouse was and I thought "Oh, I can just looked that up on Facebook..." but now I can't. I didn't realize how many tiny things I used FB for. Now I actually have to pay attention when people tell me their names. lol. C'est la vive! Still glad it's gone though I just have to adjust to life without it. They don't make a patch to wean off of it slowly. (Actually now that I think about it, maybe that's what my blog is.) Best of luck with your future endeavors to kick the habit.

  2. Ah, such is the internet. You, fortunately, don't *need* facebook to know what's going on with people...

    1. Are you implying that I'm omniscient Zandorv? That is quite the compliment, however if I was I don't think I would have so many punctuation and grammar problems in my blog.

      However your point is taken as I just mentioned in my reply to MaryAnn that I never realized all the tiny little things I used FB for. For instance the church posts upcoming events on their Facebook page. However as also mentioned, I will just have to pay attention more when people verbally tell me things and store them in my memory instead of my computer. Oh, How hard my new life will be! (she said facetiously.)That or I become delusional enough to convince myself I'm cool enough to get personal invites to all the hip happenings (yes, the publishing of that statement indeed proves I am not "cool enough.") But maybe Zandorv, you too will be "too cool" for Facebook, I had you pegged as that type of character anyway. :)