Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wall art!

This is what I did with all the other wood squares that I got from that $10 piece of wood. I had some wall squares up earlier that looked similar to this but they were made out of cork squares and my toddlers proved that there is really nothing in my home out of their reach with those.In fact as you can see in the picture below. Those cork squares came to an early demise. I still propose they are a great idea I just need something pretty much unbreakable at this point in my life.
So my unbreakable art has upped the ante to wood. (I hope the toddlers don't break this because I think Iron and steel, which are the next up on the toddler unbreakable list, are expensive.)

As mentioned in my last post I went to Home Depot, picked out a large, smooth, piece of plywood, costing about $10, and I asked them to cut it for me in 12x12 squares. When I had enough squares I asked them to leave one long piece for my other project: masterpieces.

Just like my other square art projects I had an already coordinated packet of scrapbook paper ($5 at Walmart) and I just tore out the pages that I liked and arranged them in a way that brought me joy. This time however, I used elmers craft spray adhesive instead of mod podge and I have to say that this stuff is great. No bubbles, lays flat, drys quick. It's idiot proof and that's what I apparently needed. 

Then I took the picture hanging kit ( about $2 at home depot, walmart, hobby lobby,... you name it,) and used the smallest little hangers possible and hung the squares up. Just pay attention to the thickness of your wood when you buy the picture hangy kit because my wood was almost too thin.

And then I was done. Lets put it up to the toddler test!
Love from an artsy Alabama!

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