Thursday, March 22, 2012

Masterpieces! Project time again...

I actually got 2 projects done out of one $10 piece of plywood from home depot. Here is one of my projects.

And here is what I did:

I went to Home Depot found the cheapest piece of plywood that I could find that was smooth surfaced and asked the kind people of Home Depot to cut it for me. Now this was a really really big piece of wood, that I had cut down into lots of 12' x12' squares for my other project (you can see some of the squares in this picture here.) When I realized that I had enough squares I told the Home Depot guy to just not vertically slice the last 12' piece. And I'm glad he complied because I found some usage for it. So this piece of wood is about 5ish feet by 12 inches.

These are all my other pieces for my next project. I told you I had lots!


Next I used the same spray paint that I used on my Easter wreath and spray painted the whole thing. I really like the finish it produced. You can still see the grain in the wood and its smooth and doesn't look at all spray painted.


 Then I got out some old brown acrylic paint that I had and free handed the word "masterpieces." I wish I had better handwriting but that's  what I have to work with.

Next I took some old clothespins that I bought years back in a big pack from The Dollar Tree ( I think they still sell them there,) and glued the clothespin to the board in the arrangement I found agreeable. I also laced hemp twine in between the clothespins just in case I want to hang some things from that later. Ribbon would be cute too...

and I took my scrapbook paper scraps and covered them up. (Actually this would have been good to do before the gluing them down.) And I cut out a little chunk right at the fissure in the clothespin where the little metal thing goes. I think it just shows some craftsmanship and keeps it looking like a clothespin. 

We have a little packet that's a picture hanging kit that Kent used to hang it, It took the smallest ones because the board was so thin. I think the picture hanging kits are like $2 and they can hang a lot of things, so they are well worth the investment.

Add some kiddo art, and dunzo. (can't believe I just typed that word.) What do you think? was it worth a portion of my $10?

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