Friday, March 9, 2012

Make your own clip on kids ties. Too easy!

I  found these festive ties at the Target dollar spot for-you guessed it- a dollar. 
The problem with them is that  with most dollar priced children's items they are not incredibly safe looking. Mommas can you spot the problem? 

Maybe I'm just a safety freak but and elastic string that goes around my child's neck looks like a strangulation hazard. But the ties were so cute, especially for spring and the bow tie was just so cute! So I bought the ties, went home and cut of the safety risk. Next I took my hot glue gun and hot glued my bobby pins to the top of the tie to make it a clip on. I almost used some of the metal curler clips I had but I couldn't find them, I think those would be even better. Anyway, That's all I did to make it a clip on tie and I feel much better with that, worse case scenario the bobby pin falls off. I'll try to post a cuter picture of my son it the ties because this picture just doesn't do it justice but if I don't post something today, I'll completely forget posting all together. 

Here's another thought, its probably pretty easy to sew a little tie it cute fabric and then do the hot glue to a clip stuff. I bet it's super easy to make your own! Try it and let me know how it goes!

Our southern boys will be in proper attire down here,
Love from a dapper Alabama

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