Friday, March 2, 2012

$3ish March wreath

Happy March!

Spring is so close I can feel it. And even see it. Even though some people may view clovers and dandelions as a nuisance, they are the first thing to appear as the weather warms and I just can't help to get excited about the wonderful warm months to come. So as soon as I saw these pretty little flowers, which by the way my kids adore, I got in the festive spring wreath making mood.

You may have remembered I made a Dollar tree Christmas wreath, and then red did it to a  February/Alabama wreath. Well here is the quick fix to make that same wreath into a St. Patrick's day wreath while simultaneously prepping it for Easter wreath. St. Patrick has a rich and interesting Irish history that is part of my children's heritage. Also, while there is much speculation about St. Patrick he does have some christian history that I would like to know more about. For instance, he is credited for teaching the doctrine of the Holy Trinity (God the father, The holy spirit, and Jesus Christ being one God,) using a three leafed clover, which is where the symbol got tied into this holiday. (Although clovers were obviously abundant in Ireland before that.) I'm always interested in the reasons behind a lot of holiday practices because it's dangerous to take up traditions you don't understand.
 obviously, once again I digress ( a special talent in this household,) so here are my directions for the wreath:

To prep it for both Spring and St. Patrick's day what I did was go to Walmart and bought a can of pastel green colored spray paint ($1-3 depending on how fancy you go). Although I have since learned that Hobby Lobby has spray paint in a way better variety of craft colors especially pastels and even sparkly spray paint so you may want to try there too. Don't forget to take your 40% off coupon! And I took everything off the wreath and spray painted it. The picture here makes it hard to see the difference though because it's in direct sun light. Then I took my already owned letter and heart and just repainted them with some old already owned acrylic paint.

Next I took a dollar tree shamrock garland ($1) and wrapped it around the wreath. Because it's wire I just tucked both the ends in the back of the wreath. I also bought a pack of foam shamrock die cuts ($1) and hot glued them on wherever I saw fit. Some are glittery which is really pretty, but once again my iphone camera is not really doing it justice.

When April rolls around I am not going to spray paint it because the pastel green will work great and I will decorate it with some now dollar tree goodies. Although, now that I think about it, I kind of want to avoid secular Easter and have the wreath celebrate Christs resurrection, any ideas of how to do that? I don't think the dollar tree will have a ton of items that fit that criteria...

Happy Spring! 
From Alabama

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