Monday, February 6, 2012

One fashionable momma to another

what i wore today

While getting my hair done the other day, I went ahead and indulged in a Star-type magazine. You know what I'm talking about? the ones with the celebrity gossip in it that your husband doesn't like you to buy... Well I didn't buy it so don't judge! I just thumbed through the pages. anyway there was a Q & A with Kourtney Kardashian and they asked her how she stays so fashionable while being a mom and does she ever have the urge to wear sweats. Yes, please do tell Kourtney because I have wondered how you do that too. I get up every morning and it takes me most the day to get out of my pajamas and it's usually just in time to get back into them again.

First off because I am nursing in the mornings I'm just not very motivated to put a shirt or bra on because until my two little hungry bugs wake up and eat there is not much of a point. They will just grab at my clothes and rub their cute but boogary faces all over my shirt. Then I spend all morning chasing them around trying to put their clothes on that I just don't have time to put mine one. Finally when I get the motivation to go select my clothes I glance at all my nice clothes and picture the boogars, the juice, and the fruit snacks that will be decorating them in a matter of minutes. Does my Parisian cashmere sweater match the fruit snacks? Hrmmmm... maybe it would match the cheddar bunnies... but no, not really, there would be some clashing. So I put on my workout outfit(so comfy.ahhh!And it always goes well with juice stains and fruit snacks.)-no makeup- and go to the gym to workout some stress.

I'm not complaining about my life I love it and I love my kids but I was all but excited when Kourtney made an honest assessment about comfort and fashion in this magazine. She simply said something along the lines of "how hard is it to put on skinny jeans and ballet flats and they're just as comfortable." I know you're probably thinking "duh!" but really I had just forgotten that fashion does not have to be painful or uncomfortable. I needed a reminder. Lucky, fossil, anthropologie... they are all vintage classic outfits that are comfortable and fashionable and I think work great with mommas. So while I didn't have any of that in my closet because they are also expensive. I drew my inspiration from them and put on some skinny jeans and flat boots on today. The above Polyvore rendering is just about what I wore. Except mine was all T.J. Max, Target, and thrift store bought with the exception of the 6pm boots which I really own and LOVE. And yes, the coffee was part of my outfit too, it always is. I'm very proud of myself today; Kourtney was right, it took like 2 minutes to put on and is just as comfortable as sweats and tennis shoes. Her thing is ballet flats but my personal suggestion is boots, They look more fashionable and you don't have to worry about weather (haha, get it?) it rains or not, just buy less than 1" or flat boots and they are super comfortable. Those 6pm boots have been kid tested in the rain, the mud, and on a rocky river bank and I feel if I needed to I could run a marathon in them without getting a blister. Anyway Thank you K.K. for your inspirational fashion momma speech, it was just the epiphany I needed to quit being frumpy.

Fashionable gratitude all the way from Alabama!

Ps. Kourtney Kardashian- Alabama loves the Hounds tooth look you pulled off in September with the red Chanel bag. We're glad your clearly an Alabama fan ;)

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