Saturday, February 25, 2012

A rant against People magazine and their "Get the Look" how to really get the look for a good price.

I was so excited to see the spring 2012 trends in people magazine and I must admit I love them all! I think that everyone is ready for a pop of color in their lives. I loved the colored blazers (which look way better without shoulder pads this time around.) The cropped pants and silky crops remind me of these pairs I used to get every year from Ann Taylor (Loft on sale, at Christmas time, because I was not rich,) I love them to death. And while I used to get angry and irritated at people who use to color block pink and red, now that I am sporting auburn hair I finally get it and I have crossed over to the red/pink pairing side. And just in time for spring I might add. If only I discovered this love before valentines day...

What got me though is that People magazine would show all these silk, cotton, linen, pieces and great leather shoes.Dolce & Gabbana, Ann, Taylor, Louis Vuitton, Nine West...The list could go on. Then there would be a "get the look" feature where they would tell you where to buy the look. These suggestions came from Forever21, kmart, Sears, JC Penny...that list goes on. And the blends of the material for getting the look are polyester, viscose, rayon, acrylic, spandex, man made materials.... my skin itches and hurts just talking about them. Then it would have a price for this uncomfortable look "all just for $157" or something like that.

Here is my problem with that: Maybe for some people that amount sounds cheap but not for me and not for fleeting trends. albeit they are cute now but we all know when the summer and winter trends roll around we will look in our closets and feel outdated. And if you do this every time there is a new season or trend alert you will have a closet filled with polyester and still not look as fashionable as you would like. You'll be left always wanting, sad and feeling fat when all that crappy material stretches and makes you look frumpy. I know this because I have been there. I went on a Walmart shopping spree not too many years ago and I felt great for about a week, and then my clothes stretched out and fell apart. Then I had to buy more and it cost more money. I wasn't saving money at all! I was spending more, like people who think eating at McDonald's is cheaper than making your own healthy meals.

Lauren Conrad actually had a Q&A section in the very same magazine, she suggested for someone who wanted a good wardrobe on a budget that they implement a few timeless pieces each season. I also flipped through her book Style while at B&N and it was pretty good. There are several classic pieces that should be staples and will never go out of style. One of the things that she left out of her interview in the magazine ( I didn't read her whole book so I don't know if it's in there or not,) is that these pieces your carefully choosing every season should be high quality. If they are going to last and always look stylish they cannot be a man made blend. Does that mean you have to splurge? No. I buy my leather brown boots ( a total staple) in the end of the winter for next season and my leather flats and sandals in the winter or on great discount sites like or even better yet- the thrift stores. Patience is the key to all of this. We live in a society where people want what they want when they want it and they like it disposable so they can move on to the next thing. The problem with that is, look what that attitude does to our economy. Don't cheapen yourself for instant gratification. If you want to be a true trend setter and not a cheap knock off trend whore go for quality and get it with patience and wisdom (after all isn't patience as wisdom more attractive then expensive quick thrills? Probably to a man worth getting...)

Anyway once you get your quality once a season big item (for me this is usually shoes) then I suggest you continue to update your wardrobe with thrift store buys only. No cheap stores. You can find what you need and want at thrift stores and don't settle for the knock offs and tacky material there either. 100% Cotton is still abundant if all else fails stick with that. you can get shirts, jeans, sweaters, coats, and shoes at way low cost there and the more you do that the more picky you'll start to be. Heck no I wont even pay $4 now for a polyester shirt! Don't fall into the trap that because it's $4 it's okay, don't settle or you'll just be frivolous with your money again at the thrift store, that's not thrifty either. 

Anyway I am going to start a regular column where I pick 1 classic timeless quality item and implement all the current trends with it. Don't bother buying the current trend pieces from the stores I selected in the pictures they are just for ideas and I guarantee you can find them with your own personal flair at the thrift store.

Here is my first fashion suggestion for a big item that will work with you any season. Red leather flats. Think about it red flats in the spring?-check. red flats in the summer? especially in July! check. red flats in the fall? its a great way to start working in fall colors. check. In the winter? Red for Christmas? Big ol' check! 

Isabella Oliver crewneck sweater
$116 -

Long capri
$78 -

Cole Haan
$55 -

And of course I can work the red into football season down here,
Love from Alabama!

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