Thursday, February 16, 2012

Part 2: DIY Dish detergent

Hey again! here is the dish detergent. I just ran my first loan and everything is super clean and shiny! I'm so relieved. All the store bough stuff is so crummy these days, this stuff is super awesome! Read part 1 for the prices of everything if you want - this is just how to make it.

mix all this together (it fits perfectly in the 2 qt cracker jar):

3 1/8 C Borax
2 1/3C Arm and Hammer washing soda
8 packages of lemonade mix packets 
1 cup of kosher salt
1 cup of Lemi shine

shake, shake, shake...

and your done! 

Use 1 Tablespoon per load.

Once again use with your own discretion but I love it!

more crazy making-my-own soap love from Alabama!

 Ps. Julian took a break and eat an avocado for this one but he picked me a very pretty flower to put in my vase. It was just a little too small for the vase, but I think it looks kind of cool. it kind of reminds me of the rose in the glass from beauty and the beast. What do you think?

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