Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marsala sauce recipe

Once upon a time I was a server at The Cheesecake Factory.  Every now and then if you did something really well or worked late you would get a little green ticket that got you a free meal off the menu. Ohhh how I got addicted to the food there- the "deeply chilled" cheesecake not so much but the food-yummmm. Anyway, I always loved their chicken Marsala and Madeira it tasted so good I thought it had to be complicated to make so I never attempted it. 

Fast forward to me having an even smaller food budget than when I was waitressing. I make a lot of chicken now. its cheap, its lean protein, and Costco sells it in bulk. Anyway I needed a way to make my chicken taste special so I looked up a Marsala sauce recipe. Turns out its stinkin' easy. Why haven't I done this before???

I got this recipe from http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/the-best-of/marsala-sauce-recipe/index.html I just made it into a cute 4x6 card for my cookbook because I loved it so much. Click the card if you want to print if off for your cookbook.

* only I was out of garlic and as a rule I never go back to the store to get stuff unless its a shopping day. it helps me remember stuff in the future, it makes me be resourceful, and it saves us money from unnecessary shopping trips. Long story short I used garlic salt instead of real garlic. I still haven't made it the other way but it tasted great to me anyway. You're supposed to salt and pepper to taste anyway so I just didn't add salt later. 



mmmmmmmmmmmm I just poured it over some chicken and some quick homemade mashed potatoes I made so the potatoes would soak up the sauce and I didn't have to slurp up the extra with a straw. :p

The kiddos loved it. It replenished them after the grueling day they had tearing up my living room (Don't look too closely in the background please)

Something this outsider is bringing to Alabama, the idea that not all food has to be fried to taste good. 

Next up: Madiera!

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