Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY stain remover

So I was sitting in Barnes and Noble reading a People magazine (which BTW I have lots of commentary on and will reserve for later days) and I could not believe what I saw:
Fels-Naptha was featured in it as a quick fix for getting out stains. Woah, for once I was ahead of a trend. The caption below has it's suggestions for getting out stains, which if I recall correctly was to wet the bar and rub it over your stains. I'm sure that might work okay but I wanted something to absorb a little deeper into the fabric to penetrate all of the stain and evenly distribute though out the fabric with little effort.

 So then I got on Pintrest and looked up laundry stain pre treatment (like shout) recipes. One of the pins I found was for a soap jelly, hrrmmmm, that sounded familiar- I feel like I have done that before....oh wait I have when I made liquid laundry detergent! So I searched a little more. Many searches turned up more endorsement of Fels-Naptha, and others turned up simple recipes with baking soda and/or a&h washing soda. So it seemed to me that I did not need to reinvent the wheel her after I did it a week ago. So as an experiment I pretreated some of my boys worst set in stains that I had not yet successfully been able to vanquish. I just poured the liquid detergent over the stain and let it sit until I could get around to doing my next load of laundry (so like an hour)

The results- Amazing!

So I funneled some of my liquid soap into an oil jar which I had already chalkboard painted. I labeled in with my bistro chalkboard marker and BAM! I got my own BAM...or Shout... or whatever loud noise is a popular stain remover these days.

To be honest I liked the liquid laundry detergent lots but I think I am going to stick with the powdered because it stores easier for me with only needing 1 table spoon. So I am evolving here and using the liquid stuff for pre-treater now and the powdered as my soap. That's just my system and it's how I like it. My sister still prefers the liquid so just go with your own preference.

If you want the recipe for the pre-treater just click my old liquid laundry post :

Of course if your just putting it in an oil jar You might want to cut the recipe. Next time I make a smaller batch I'll post the breakdown for it but I just don't have the time to do the calculations right now. as you can see my youngest son has decided to grab a couple cardboard suitcases from Barnes and Noble and make a run for it.

I gotta dash!
Love Alabama

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