Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Crazyness with dry laundry detergent, dish detergent, and deodorant Part 1

If you're interested in liquid laundry detergent I have a tutorial on that as well
otherwise, continue on!

My one little k-cup of coffee kicked some serious booty today. I had some awesome Pintrest ambition on my trip to Walmart. It might have been because I only had one little helper today, but I managed to get everything on my shopping list and some. I may have went a little crazy

Here is everything that I got. This is going to be a three parter for me with DIY laundry detergent, dish detergent, and deodorant but it was nice to get all the groceries at once and there is some overlap so I'm going to do the shopping list for all three and the break it down in each part as I go along. This way you can be efficient too if you want to do this. I will probably crunch some numbers and edit them in later for the cost breakdown, you know what? Your smart people who can obviously read and can probably do math so I'll actually let you do the number crunching. For now I have to get something up or I just wont do anything at all due to being overwhelmed so here we go.

My shopping list:
Baking soda 2.12
Coconut oil 5.98
Almond extract- I don’t know the price I always have this in my pantry
1 box A & H washing soda $3.24
24 packages of lemonade $2.88
1 box of lemi shine 3.66
Kosher salt $0.72
1 box of borax $3.38
Oxiclean 3.86
fels-naptha soap 0.97 or Dove bar soap 3.27
chalkboard paint 4.77
Chalk 0.96
2 qt cracker jar3.97
1 gallon Cracker jar 4.97

* When I looked up how to  make your own deodorant online someone posted a link for where to buy expeller pressed coconut oil online it was 19.99 for 16 fluid ounces and   8.64 just for (2-3 week) shipping. Anyway don't do that because walmart had the organic expeller pressed for $5.98. As much as I try to avoid walmart here everything is almost right next to each other there and if you only want to go to one place for everything. Just suck it up and go there. 

* I bought the dove soap this time it came 2 to a pack but you only need 1 for this recipe. Last time I made laundry soap i used the fels-naptha in fact I did buy some again just in case for 0.97, but I wanted to do a little experiment and see how other soaps hold up. I meant to buy cucumber melon dove soap but I accidentally bought green tea instead. All well, it still smells good and it reminds me of the Elizabeth Arden green tea stuff that I used to wear in jr. high. you can use either one though I have used both. 

* I just bought a giant box of baking soda because I use that stuff for everything now. 

* I bough chalkboard paint but one of my next projects will be just to make it myself. i'm so addicted to the stuff I need to invest in making it for myself. 

Part 1: Laundry detergent

 grate 1 bar of soap on a cheese grater on the tiniest holes. My hands got pretty sore at the end and I used the bigger holes so there are some different sized shavings there but use the tiniest holes if you can to aid in disbursement of the shavings. 

*I put this all in a bag because that's what someone else did, but I was being silly because this all fits in the 1 gallon cracker jar perfectly with just enough room to shake later. That's way less of a mess so do that instead.

It reminds me of march and Easter :) and it smells pretty too.

Step 2:

3 1/8 C Borax
2 2/3 C baking soda
2 1/3 c washing soda
* 1 can of 1.3 lbs oxiclean (this is optional and another part of my experiment is seeing if this makes a difference at all)

That's my little man helping mommy. He thinks this is amazing!

close the lid and shake the jar/bag

use 1 tablesoon per load. 
Use at your own risk but I personally love it. Let me know if you do too!

Crazy Crunchy making my own laundry soap love from Alabama!

Ps. This is all I did to get the chalk paint on the jar. I bought the bottle of paint in the craft isle of Walmart and its kind of weird and plasticy. When I peeled the take off some of it peeled off in a film and I had to redo part so I'm really interested in making my own. i think it could be better.

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