Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY chalkboard/magnet board $1

This was the quickest project ever. I did it in like 15 minutes while watching Stripes with my husband (kind of a boring movie.) The dollar always has these trays in lots of different shapes and sizes and actually they are pretty nice looking before they are painted. I used them for a Lord of the Rings themed birthday party as serving trays because they look very old world. All I did was paint the center with chalkboard paint and paint the outside with whatever color I wanted to frame it with. In this case I chose burgundy. It's cool because magnets stick to these too. The kids love them and I can make them each their own because it's so cheap and easy. Know what else would be cool? Painting lines for practicing handwriting for home schooling. You know what I went ahead and did that really quick so you could see what I was talking about. But instead of painting the lines on I just used a bistro chalk marker that I bought from Hobby Lobby. A pack of 4 (red, white, blue, and black) was $11.99 but I always use the 40% off coupon on top of that just Google search "hobby lobby coupon" to find it, there's always one.

If I had girls I would make them more ornate with ribbons or something but for boys this will do. Hope you like it!

Love from BLP in Alabama

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