Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strawberry heart sandwich cookies

you should be able to click the recipe card pictured below to see the recipe and you can copy and paste/ print it as a 4x 6 card. if you cant do it let me know and I'll re-try it. The pictures just are the steps in the recipe.

 The playdough looking dough:

Pre baked: I did a little more than pinching the top to make my hearts, I enjoyed messing around with trying to shape the heart.

Off the pan and onto the wax paper!

The Frosting...... Yummers:

I saw something like this on Pintrest but with shortening so if you made it the other way let me know so we can compare! How I made it is all on the recipe card then I got creative and decided to put a few wrapped in a nice white napkin in a treat bag for my hubby when he goes to work. I set it on the book he's currently reading so he'll find it easily.

 The bag says:
"take with you this tasty treat as a thank you for being so sweet. I love you with all my
I just hand wrote it in cursive, folded down the top of the bag and wrapped a ribbon around it.

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