Monday, January 2, 2012

Power House Sangria!


I also got to ring in the new years with some unique sangria that my husband Kent helped me make. We totally winged it and it turned out great! It's such a cheap and simple drink that stretches really far for a party.

Power House Sangria Recipe:
2 bottles of 2 buck chuck Sauvignon Blanc
1 bottle of arbor mist peach champagne
6 kiwis cut up
1 pint of strawberries cut up
1 pomergranite
stevia (or other sweeter) to taste

pour the wine and champagne over the fruit and mix. Add stevia in the raw sweetner to taste. (you can always use sugar or another sweetner this is just a zero calorie one so you feel guilt free while your eating your fruit that just happens to be alcoholic ;) We didn't use very much sweetner, it was probably like 8 of those little packets. Thanks Lowell (if you are ever reading my blog) for taste testing my sangria and helping me get it perfect.

The plastic container the sangria was in was $15 from walmart and you can put anything you want as a decoration in the bottom. I just threw some fruit in but you could do like candy hearts for a valentines day party, or Christmas balls for Christmas and New Years, or even just a really cool wrap around label that says sangria made of paper and some tiny umbrellas, it's like a shadow box in the respect and if I had more time to decorate I could have gotten carried away with that part of it. But some colorful fruit will always make it look fresh too.

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