Saturday, January 7, 2012

pâte de guimauve?


I learned a lot about the marshmallow today in what may be an endless pursuit to satisfy my husbands curiosity regarding the marshmallow root that was apparently used originally for Egyptian medicinal purposes. Since I can't do much with that bit of information I fast forwarded to 19th century France where French candy makers actually used it for candy in what looks to be the closest in using the marshmallow root to make candy without modified corn starch or gelatin. So feel free to correct my French (or English. lol) but I am in the pursuit of a wonderful gift for my husband and I need some direction. So I'll embarrass myself and try some Frenglish to hopefully reach someone who knows anything about this french treat.

mon mari veut une guimauve réel. Il ne veut pas la guimauve sucrée américaine. donc je wikipediad ce dont il parlait. Pâte de guimauve est la plus proche que j'ai trouvé pour comestibles. telle est la recette que j'ai trouvé:

Mais la racine de guimauve n'est pas un ingrédient. quelqu'un at-il une recette à la racine de guimauve en elle?
adieu de l'Alabama, Etats-Unis


  1. If you're still interested in this, I found a recipe which might be what you're looking for. Fair warning, though; I haven't tried it myself, and from the description it sounds like you may have to do some trial and error adjustment to bring this recipe into the 21st century (not to mention reducing the portion size; it sounds like it makes an awful lot of pâte de guimauve). Hope it's helpful, in any case.

  2. I am still interested in this and I am very excited to try this! I haven't had many posts lately because we have been moving and have no internet. :(
    You can be sure that I will post my experience with this when I do it. I'm also interested in your adventures with this if you try it.

    Thanks for the info,