Friday, January 27, 2012

scrap book paper cereal box counter organizers

Do your counters sometimes look like this? Come on... I know I'm not the only one..

Mine was a mess today and I'm having it anymore. My sister had showed me this little trick to putting scrapbook paper on cereal boxes for organizing stuff months ago and I thought oh cute... but I didn't have the motivation. And then I saw someone pin something on pintrest that was a magazine holder with the aluminum foil, wax paper, etc.. in it for organizing and my brain put two and two together and BAM! I was motivated to get this stuff off my counter.

So a big thank you to my sis Britta. You were right, I totally should have done it when you showed me but much like many other things in my life I delayed good advice.... Now I'm thinking of that Alanis Morissette song in my head "It's some good advice that you just didn't take...." It figures. That's gonna be stuck in my head the rest of the night now.

Anyway here is what I did. The idea came from Britta though and hers are cuter.

First I made Muddy Buddies from Chex Mix cereal, because I needed chocolate and I needed a cereal box. Okay I'm gonna come right out and just say it: If I sound crazy in this post, it's because Aunt Rosie is back from her pregnancy induced vacations and she is back with a vengeance. That might explain the Alanis Morissette reference and the chocolate and the need to organize.
Now that I've crossed a very uncrossable line here with TMI I am going to try to get you back to comfortable with my narration by distracting you with home project ideas. Let's hope it works...

I just cut the cereal box how I wanted, then traced it onto old scrapbook paper and added some mod podge to stick it together. I didn't leave the house for any of these materials. "Work with what you've got" it rapidly becoming my motto.

And there it is on my fridge holding all that stuff that was cluttering my counter. I think I may do a few more and line them all up up there.
And there's my yummy reward for a job well done. (No I am not having that wine with my Muddy Buddies they pair best with milk.)

Crazy emotional chocolatey organizey love from Alabama!

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