Friday, January 6, 2012

$3 investment in your old DIY wreath buys you another season of door decor

After the new year i put up all my Christmas decorations. I've seen so many cute seasonal wreaths on pintrest lately that I just couldn't bear to pack up my $3 DIY wreath (see older posts.) So I thought about making a winter/St. valentines day wreath. But lately people seem pretty in an uproar about moving from one holiday to the next too quickly so I settled on a silver winter wreath with some ambiguous red accents.

Quick rant ( I put it in purple because it's a soothing color so you don't get all worked up by my worked upidness (yes, I just made that a word). Your welcome: About moving from one holiday to the next too quickly. I don't really mind it myself. I've said it once and I'll say it again: As a consumer each time you buy something you cast a vote. Stores put valentines stuff up the day after new years because it sells. So while people may agree with your hostile rants at the store due to peer pressure, I'm pretty sure they are hiding the candy hearts in their carts. mmmmmmm k? People are buying the super early holiday stuff or the stores wouldn't put it out. You don't like it-don't but it till Feburary 13th..
Anyway I took the decorative spray off my 3 dollar wreath, packed it away with the Christmas stuff, and saved out the twisty ties. Then I invested $2 in a can of silver spray paint and painted the wreath. Make sure you do this outside or somewhere with lots of ventilation; strong fumes! Whew.

Next I took a little wood heart that Julian found on the ground the other day and brought home, and painted our name on it. I'm sure hobby lobby or the craft department in walmart sell stuff like this all the time for pretty cheap. I just used my saved twisty ties that happened to be silver, and twisty tied the heart on. 

Next I took a P I bought at the craft department for $1ish and painted it burgundy. This is the same burgundy that was on my picture frames I painted earlier. It really pays to save your paints so you can coordinate with ease.

I used a tiny little ribbon to just tie a loop around the P. Then when I put the red P next to the silver wreath it felt a little Alabama to me so I just "Rolled" with it, Get it? (Booh corny!- There I boohed my own joke so you don't have too. Time saved. you're welcome again,) and I added a hounds tooth bow to top off my look. I had that ribbion saved from when it went on sale at Micheal's for like $0.79.  When I did that I went back and switched my little ribbon to black because I thought it coordinated better.


Anyway there is the end result. Its great because it looks wintery being silver. But it has the red and the heart which covers St. valentines day, and it has the UA decor and in Alabama I can leave that up year round and be in style. lol. (But I'll probably just leave it up until Easter.) 

That's all for now,
Roll Tide!

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