Thursday, December 29, 2011

Word blocks

My sister is much more domestic and crafty than I am so why I have a blog and she doesn't is beyond me. My only guess is that she is giving me a head start before her blog blows mine out of the water. Anyway until she gets her blog up and running I can't resist posting some of her crafting ideas, giving her all due credit of course. She made these wonderful blocks for my boys for their Christmas presents this year. They are yet another inexpensive but wonderful keepsake gift idea. To my understanding, what she did is have her husband cut out the blocks of wood and then she painted some of the sides and decoupaged scrap paper on the other sides. The boy scrapbook paper she chose is so cute there are dinosaurs, stars, leopard print why can't I find any cute fabric that looks like this???

Anyway the longer blocks she painted solid colors so the one thing I did in this project was decoupage words onto the solid blocks coordinating the lengths of the blocks with the words for word recognition. Was that even my own idea? I wish but then I remembered a few weeks ago I pinned something on pintrest that looked ridiculously close with leggos. It looked like this:

This is from and is such a brilliant idea that i subconsciously stored it for later days. 
But these blocks are great and my kids love them. What I love about the blocks- They are quiet, calm, wooden toys that teach my kids sentence structure and how to read. Brilliant!

Please Excuse the mess in my sons room and the fact that both of my boys are in their underroos. I would like to list all the wonderful excuses that I have for this but ya know what? I'm pretty happy with them learning so I'm going to ignore that mess for now.

This is just a video of Julian reading the word "pig" he is two and I was pretty excited. As soon as we played with these blocks he started reading them. My little baby is growing up! (tear)

Here are some of the blocks labels that I made and used. I like the top ones best because the letters are great for my little one to read The text is Bodoni MT Black 48. I made these in publisher by clicking the insert tab, then shapes, then I picked the rectangle shape, Then I clicked and dragged the rectangle outline to what I wanted, then I right clicked to add text, I also right clicked on the box to format autoshape and change the color of the outline to the color I wanted and the weight (how big the line is,)Then I highlighted the text and went back to the home tab and picked the color I wanted for the text.

On the second one I did two different sizes because I had two lengths of blocks. I know people are going to think I'm weird for trying to instill the difference between indigo and violet in my kids (yes I looked up the correct text colors for those on wikipedia) but they need to know it for the rainbow anyway and they figure out the difference between pink and red pretty quick so I think they can handle it.

sRGB (r,g,b) (75, 0, 130)

( I think I used web violet but there is a dark violet listed if you want it) RGB (r,g,b) (238,130,238)

*If you click on the images below they should get larger for you to print if you want to use these have at it!

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