Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scrapbook initial $1 and old scrapbook paper

I bought a plain wooden letter from Hobby Lobby they are usually $1.99 but very 2 weeks like clockwork they are 50% off. I wait until anything in that store is at least 40% off before I buy it because if its not at the moment, eventually it will be.

I Did a thin layer of decoupage glue on the letter and put some scrapbook paper that matched all my other decor on top of it.

Then I painted gold around the edges- I already used the paint to paint some picture frames earlier so it all coordinates....at least I think it does...

And I decided to place it in the middle of what I am now calling "my art wall." This wall is becoming a mixed media jumble of scrapbook paper and gold paint. But I like it and it feels like home to me.
And there it is all together. That crooked cork square is driving me crazy and will be fixed right after I post this. So OCD people do not fear.

Merry Christmas if I don't post again before Christmas. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.
 Love from Alabama

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