Sunday, December 11, 2011

More use from free books: giftwrapping

This is the same book that I used to make the necklaces and coasters from. Its a great way to recycle free books from the salvation army. (Yes reading is to but what if you have them committed to memory already?) So sorry librarians if this gets under your skin but I just think it makes for beautiful wrapping paper and once again its FREE. (that's important to me.) I just taped the pages together on one side to make a square big enough to fit the gift and then when i wrapped it I put the taped side on the inside. I used embroidery string to tie the packages because that's what I had and I think working with what you have is a big concept some people need to get. but if you have like twine or hemp think of how cute that would look! or you could go buy some vintage keys from Lowes or Home Depot (like $3 for a pack of 5) and tie the twine to that instead of a bow. Cutesness! (Pottery Barns gift wrap is basically that and its so cute)

 For the tags I just cut out the part in the book where the was an indentation for the chapter. Some books have some really pretty designs at these places too. Wuthering Heights here kept it simple. Think of the possibilities to personalize gift wrapping though. newspapers for the writers. Blueprints for the architect, car blueprints for the car buff/engineer... Take and recreate.

 This is just juxtaposing them to my dollar tree gift wrapping which I ran out of. I think they all have the classic parcel look to them so it works.

My mind is wandering here but I feel like there should be some treacle tarts in here or some other old school gift. Maybe like Some turkish delights, a remembrall or a nimbus 2000.  Lol.  The nerd in me is getting distracted so I must bid you good day.
I said Good day! 

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