Sunday, December 11, 2011

More etching for funzies

If you read my last blog post then you will already know I paid like $3 for puff paint thinking it was etching stuff because I'm a schmuck. Well I don't feel like a schmuck for it anymore because I found a use for it. Booyeah!... Okay even as I typed that word I knew it was too much.. moving on...

You may also remember that I did not buy contact vinyl. Here is where my two mishaps become redeemed. The etching stuff does not eat through the dried fake etchy stuff so you can write messages with the puff stuff. let it dry then cover an area over it with etchy stuff to frost the stuff around it. Then it has a frosted glass look.

I saw this on ( you can click the picture for the link to the seller for this item):

 But I thought my also geeky brother-in-law might enjoy this. He has this riddle he loves to ask people it goes like this:

a man decides to kill his business rivals by poisoning their drinks. He gave them both The exact same drink- a gin and tonic with ice and lemon the first man a knocked back his drink in two quick gulps and the second man sat and sipped his slowly. The second man died but the first did not.  why did this happen?

K think about it. I'll leave some space before I answer so I don't spoil the riddle for you.....


K the answer is below in little font:

 The poison was in the ice cubes which only melted and released the poison if you drank the drink slowly

Anyway So I etched him this glass as described earlier...Now that I've done it I think I could do it even better. Practice makes perfect but I'll have to make perfect another time because I ran out of time.

I kinda wish I etched the riddle on the side on a glass and the answer on the bottom now...hrrrmmmmm........maybe next Christmas.

Anyway this time I also etched his initials onto it. I did it in one of those classic coke glasses they sell at the dollar tree because he is under 21 so no pilsner glasses for him yet. He also just loves these coke glasses. He keeps them in the freezer to keep them chilled and pulls them out when he wants a cold coke. Also the coke glasses remind me of Dick Tracy murder mystery times so fun. My mind is having spin off ideas but it would be a cool prop for a murder mystery game to huh?

And here is just some more glass etching fun I had. When I took this picture some of the etching solution was still on there but you can see what I'm going for.

Happy Gifting,
From Alabama

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