Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's time for another "Is this Southern?": Crazy firework warehouses

I went to Gatlinburg, TN for Christmas this past week. I love love love Gatlinburg. I love the drive and I love the Smoky Mountains it is pure natural beauty and serenity. But every so often on my drive from Alabama to Tennessee I would see something like this:

or this

or this

Now these pictures I found on the internet, I would have taken my own pictures but I was driving and that is very unsafe (I'm talking to you all you bad texting and driving and texting and picture taking people. For shame!) It would be hill with trees, river, wild life and there smack dab in my sublimely soothing drive are these huge warehouses selling fireworks year round! How do these people stay in business? Are there really that many people out there buying fireworks year round? I never saw very many cars in their parking lots...hrmmm... what's going on here? I remember buying fireworks as a kid on July 3rd specifically for the 4th of July and in Washington you would go to Indian reservations to get the best bang for you buck so to speak.. hahaha.. get it. but the rest of the year I never saw any other firework places. I guess maybe New years people would get sparklers and stuff. But these crazy firework places in the south are open year round and they are huge and they clearly spend a lot of money in billboard advertising and light up signs. Overkill much??? There's nothing else around you guys I see the sign on the building the giant light up arrow next to you is a little unnecessary. And I'm pretty sure your messing up the circadian rhythm of all the wile life around you, or at least causing seizures to epileptics ( P.C. people with epilepsy?) I think I will end my rant there before I go into one on PC terms but I want to know. Are crazy firework warehouses a southern thing? Oh, Jeff Foxworthy please tell me the answer?

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