Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gift Idea: personalized cuff links

Glass Tile Cuff links:

This goes right along with the glass tile necklace gift I made in November. My brother was getting married on the 18th of December so i thought that getting everyone personalized cufflinks would be a really cool Christmas gift.  I bought the components from Candytiles2 on Here's the link to her shop: She sold me 20 sterling silver plated cufflink trays for $13 and 20 12mm Domed Glass Cabochons for $5.95. when you order them make sure you you know the glass domes do not come automatically with the cuff link trays. I made that mistake and didn't realize it until the trays came then I was a week behind waiting for the domes to come.

Next I found the images I wanted from Google image searches or my friends and family pictures on Facebook and I copied the images into Microsoft publisher where I cropped them and re-sized them down to 1/2 " ( The glass tile necklaces were 1" some are in the picture below for comparison.) I also altered some of the pictures by right clicking on the picture, clicking format picture, then clicking the picture tab, going to the color drop down box and changing it to gray scale for the black and white picture look or you could use sepia to make it look antiquey.

next i took the 1/2" pictures and cut them out then just rounded off the edges

Then I took some craft crazy glue and lightly spread some on the bottom of the cufflink tray and then centered my picture on top of it.

Next I did a very thin dab of diamond glaze and then I slid the glass dome in over it. I slid it in at like a 45 degree angle. I found if you just drop the dome directly on top you seem to get bubbles and they are very frustrating and pretty hard to get rid of once they are there because the dome is hard to take back out. I also found the less diamond glaze you use the less chance of bubbles so use a very thin layer.

And there they are. both my siblings have two kids each so for my brother-in-law and my brother I did a picture of each baby on a cuff link in black and white. My neighbors are really big saints fans so I just Google image searched the fleur-de-lis. I also decided if I'm doing it for my family why not my husbands so for my other brother-in-law I found this be rational and get real image and cropped it but it wouldn't be too hard to design in paint on your own either. I also image searched rocket blue prints and car engine schematics for Kent's father and Uncle.  

And I wrapped them in tiny match boxes because I was out of gift boxes. But it's the perfect fit and they are so cute under a mini Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Alabama!


  1. Thank you for sharing these Brooke. I'm going to have to order the pieces so that I can make some for Chris' work shirts that require cufflinks. I just loved T.C.'s

  2. Awesome. It turns out Chris is the only one that was there that would get to wear these on a regular basis and I didn't even make him any. Sorry I dropped the ball there. I'm sure yours will look totally cute. Make sure you get the glass domes though because they look so much nicer than just the diamond glaze. Post pics when you make them!