Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Idea: Custom picture frames

Okay, I found these frames at Walmart for 99 cents each. They are just wood plain frames in the craft section. I think Hobby lobby has these but they are the same thing and way more expensive. if you are doing these for kids the Dollar tree has these frames in the shapes of like hearts, flowers, trains, and butterflies.

I simply coordinated scrapbook paper, put the frame over it, traced around it, then cut on the lines. Then I used a very thin layer of decoupage glue to glue it on. I let it dry then, I decoupaged any text I wanted on them. I got the text from old books and I also designed some initials on Microsoft word and printed them off then decoupaged them on.

Then I printed off pictures I found of my friends on facebook to go in the frames. My friends have such beautiful pictures they pretty much decorate the frame themselves. i tried to coordinate the scrapbook paper with the decor of their houses/apartments.

One important thing I wish I knew: these littlow dowels come pin the packages with the frames and I couldn't figure out what they were for so then I threw them away. Whoops! Turns out you can shove them in a hole at the bottom of a frame and it stands the frame up for you. So keeps the dowels and make sure the hole goes at the bottom of your frame.

Happy Gifting from Alabama.

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