Sunday, December 11, 2011

Geekery Christmas gift: P.IE 3.14 Pie dish

Geekery Christmas gift:

Someone pinned this on pintrest:

And someone pinned some Christmas ideas on glass etching also. My mind isn't the best at creating original ideas but I am all about the mash ups so here is my geeky Christmas gift idea. Once again this is for my awesomely geeky sis-in-law. She just got her own house while she goes to Engineering school at UA (Roll tide!) While she is not one to go shopping for her own domestic cooking accessories I thought of some clever ways to sneak some stuff into her house disguised at geeky jokes.

I got the pie dish from the dollar tree. They said walmart had a bunch of really cool dishes you can put on the stove and cook with and they don't break and they got a huge shipment of them. And then I went to Hobby Lobby, which by the way almost has a 40% off coupon for one item on their website. And bought Armour etch. it was 8.99 for a little bottle before the 40% off. A little bottle goes a long way though. there is some other stuff that calls itself 'window etch" for like 2.99 there- don't fall for this trick...mmmm...k? It is basically gray puff paint that wont adhere to glassware. I knew it had to be that when I bought it because it didn't have all the cautions about not getting it on your skin like the real glass etching stuff will have. Which brings me to my next point. wait for the babies to go to bed to go this project- you don't want to risk them getting anywhere near them- it is caustic stuff!

Anyway I'm so impatient that when it says on the bottle to buy contact vinyl to use for stencils I didn't buy it. (Plus i could not find the right vinyl anywhere in hobby lobby anyway.) So I used a brush i wasn't too attached to and painted the stuff on this glass pie pan.

With this stuff it said to leave it on 5 minutes but that did not do much I would suggest leaving it on for much longer and in a big globby pile. The amount you pile on really correlates with how complete this stuff etches. This is probably where the vinyl would have been good because you can pile a ton on and completely cover the area but still have sharp edges for a cleaner more professional finish.

But I'm pretty satisfied with the finished product for my first time. I'm so excited I got to show my super smart husband this awesome P.IE 3.14 phenomena that he didn't know about. Blew his mind! Yeah I know important life saving stuff too Kent. :) 
Yes, pie is very important to quality of life...
But I digress

Hope you enjoyed this,
Love pie... I mean Alabama...I mean both... I love Alabama pie

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