Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yet another use for our ridiculous amount of books

Our  Family doesn't have any stocking hangers yet so I went to target today to but some. What?!? $20 for a what is virtually a paperweight. I guess I'm cheap (although I prefer the word "thrifty") but I just could not bring myself to pay $20 for that I thought I'll find something heavy at home.

I'm sure there are lots of cute crafts you could think up to DIY stocking hangers but I didn't feel like buying anything additional to make this craft so I used what I had in my laundry room. Maybe I'll come up with something cuter later.
Anyway here it is:

 I took the metal thingy out of some clothespins I had. ( I feel like I have an infinite supply)
 Bent the prongs to form a 90 degree angle. And twisty tied a bow to the front. (I got like a pack of 24 bows from the dollar tree for gift wrapping originally but I thought they'd go good here too )
 I used needle pliers to bend them into hooks at the end and I taped them to the bottom of a book.
I'm still mulling it over. What do you think?

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