Friday, November 18, 2011

Things mommas should not do when they get lazy

Okay I haven't posted anything recently. Things happen though you know? babies got sick, momma got sick, daddy worked a lot, etc. I would love to be posting about how I have been doing awesome and productive things for my family but the truth is I have not been the proverbs 31 woman this week (if ever!)

That doesn't mean you can't learn something from my week though. I have complied a short list of things some mommas may have the urge to do when they are not on their A-game but seriously should not do no matter how tempting. I may or may not have done these things this week. :)

1) Leave the children unattended in the kitchen while "I just make a quick run to the back to check my e-mail" The following photo may be one of the many messy outcomes:
Now you can castigate me all you want for doing it but you know most of the time you have to fight that urge too. My experienced advice- do it when kids are napping or sleeping. You'll just have to be that rare person that only check their e-mail twice a day. if your curious there were 36 eggs.... and then there were none.

2) Use dawn dish soap in the dishwasher when your out of dishwasher detergent. You may think you know its concentrated and think your smart enough to use "just the right amount" but you probably wont.
not my photo but they all turn out looking the same, I guarantee it.

3) leave cupcakes on the table.
Doesn't sound so bad. Of course it depends on your children's age. for me this was a rookie mistake. I have a one year old and a two year old who were all over the cupcakes as soon as I turned around. Good thing I just got done cleaning up egg from the floor so it was nice and clean for all the crumbs when they landed on it!

4) Decide on a whim your child can handle the responsibility of markers (because your too tired to draw T. Rex for the billionth time). And I'm secretly humiliated by how bad I am at drawing every time!
Yes this is how My T. Rex normally looks.
Anyway two seconds with the marker even while being supervised marker everywhere! Mostly on his little brother.........

5) Decide you can do your work as the babies play around you.
NONONONONO. bad idea. You get frustrated, they get frustrated. "Patience is a virtue" I've heard it before but never did it start to sink in so much until I became a parent. best to wait till later days. Pay attention to your kids and love them even when your tired, it saves you time and energy and you'll end up with more rest that way anyhow. In my obsession with obtaining rest I ended up having a lot more to do.

God definitely uses children to sanctify doesn't he? I will probably make mistakes all over again in a couple of weeks but it will be a great reminder that I still have a lot to learn especially in regards to patience, humility, & work ethic. If you have these days/weeks/years know that your not the only one.

*Sigh*  Alabama

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