Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pintrest Interest?

So my sister Finally talked me into getting a Pintrest account. I absolutely love the idea but I must say I was completely overwhelmed as to what to do first. There were so many bright shiny things that I wanted to do that my brain went on overload and fizzled out. After taking an antacid from my pintrest induced stress I took another whack at it. I prioritized what I could do by price and time.

The idea from the original creator was to get wood from home depot, but when I went there the guy looked at me like I was crazy as I tried to explain the type of wood I needed for "my art." He never figured out what I was talking about and I couldn't find any cheap wood so instead I bought 4x4 thick espresso cork tiles from Hobby Lobby ($11 for a pack of 4- then I used the 40% off coupon) the cork times came with mounting sticky squares so instead of modge poging them I just put a square in each corner and stuck the 12x12 scrapbook paper to it. I suggest this route because it's a one stop project instead of a visit 2 different home depots project and have people think your nuts.

Once I got the tiles at Hobby Lobby and after 2 hours staring at the overwhelming amount of scrapbook paper and taking another antacid. I did it! Yay me!

Hobby Lobby has some really cool textured specialty paper that almost looks leathery and then some that look like fabrics. They cost a little more but I really appreciate the dimension they add. Total project cost $28- way cheaper than the over-sized $80 frame I wanted to buy to fill my big blank wall. But don't worry hopefully my next project will be a thrifty collage of frames that will look just as good on my other blank wall. :)

Because they are cork squares the look seems to work together and I like that If I want to do something else with them later I can put them all together and have a cool cork board. I might pin some scrapbook embellishments to them if I decide to go that route. Easy husband free hanging with mounting tiles and no holes in the wall. My Husband loved it! I'll probably add more later but its nice to get a project done.

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