Thursday, November 24, 2011

One of the many things I'm thankful for: My Momma

I'm spending Thanksgiving at my mommas new house in Bell Buckle, Tn. She just got it and it's wonderful. She has been living in a cozy apartment which was very cute as well but the nefound space has allowed for her to take all her stuff out of storage. Memories, wonderful memories from my childhood are decorating her beautiful abode and I feel right at home. I can't help remembering how growing up she was the best creative crafter that I know. Everything domestic I know how to do she had an influence on, only she definitely did it better.

*Side note: The picture above is the cutest cafe I have ever seen called the Bell Buckle Cafe. The picture is a link to their website. Just thought I'd share it.

Really she should have her own blogs of crafts (and while I'm trying to convince her of that I'll go ahead and use the platform to say the same thing to my sister Britta- you get a blog!) Anyway until she gets a blog I'm posting her crafty ideas so they can be shared with the world.

They had no cabinets in their new kitchen so they used decorative book shelves to display painted ceramic dishes. Love it!

She uses sample slabs of granite to draw attention to counter displays. They work awesome as giant coasters but also grantie is great for hot/cold pads too instead of pot holders. You could put hot pans off the stove right on them and they look like a classy display instead of kitschy mess. Earlier she served a pizza all cut on it and all of a sudden the pizza looked gourmet just from its display.

My kids love Nanas new house and so do I. Look forward to posting lots of new pictures from here. But if you decide to ever read my blog, thanks mom for all you've done. You put off a career to stay at home with your kids to give us a better start and I'm glad all your dreams are coming true. I'm super proud of you, your awesome job as a biologist and your new wonderful home.

What are you thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving from Bell Buckle, Alabama!

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