Saturday, November 5, 2011

Moved to Huntsville!

Our little family up and moved to Huntsville. I am enjoying it a lot. Having two toddlers I am starting to know the ins and outs of whats toddler friendly in Huntsville. So If your looking for ideas here are my top 10 favorite places to go here:

1) Barnes and Noble. There's one on Carl T Jones Dr. and one at Bridge Street. I'm sure all you veteran mommies know there are usually two play areas in the back on any B&N one with a giant train set both my 2 year old and 1 year old love. Plus mommy gets a pumpkin spice late and to read a fashion magazine or two about clothes that are too expensive or too delicate for me to wear, but the fashion is inspiring.

2) YMCA-Southeast

I have never visited the other Ys in town but this one has it going on. The childcare is pretty great. All the girls there are super sweet and caring and are great with helping my big boy potty train. I also take Julian, my 2 year old, into the pool one day a week for swimming lessons. They are really great about letting you bring your own toys. (Some places are crazy about not allowing like that.) I usually run but am rehabbing my sore joints by swimming now, and afterwards I reward my self with jacuzzi time. ahhh.
Worth the membership!

3) Publix

This sounds crazy but yes sometimes going to Publix with the babies is like a vacay to me. Both kids get a free balloon and cookie, and they also get to ride around in a 2 seater (very important if you have 2 babies under 2!) race car cart. Sometimes I just go to get eggs which we always need and for $2 for eggs we needed anyway my kids have an hour of enjoyment with lots of old people cooing at them all they want. Plus they always have great coupons and BOGO

4) The Early works Children's Museum

Bring quarters for parking!!! Biscut's Backyard is the place to take your toddler. Mine could spend hours there. There are always other kids to play with and they clean it like every 15 minutes. If you pack a lunch there is also a place where you can sit and eat with the kids. It's worth the membership!

5) The Botanical Gardens

I get the most out of my membership in the summer because of the tree houses with a splash. But parking is a breeze and if the kids are in a good enough mood to sit down in the stroller its a nice walk. The children's garden is nice for the little ones but its hard to keep them away from the rocks bubbling water out of them in the fall and winter. Try to bring a heavy duty stroller if you want to go anywhere else because there's a lot of gravel. I would say its worth the membership (because it costs so much to pay on a visit by visit basis,) but definitely to a lesser extent to the stuff I already listed. I hear they have a really cool winter light show so I'm excited about that, but you don't get in free with your membership, just discounted.

Bear with me I'm going to go abbreviated here because nap time for my bugs is almost over:

6) Parkway Place Mall Play place- foamy toys great for toddlers

7) Target- on Carl T Jones there's one in the same complex as the Barnes and Noble

8) Bailey Cove Library- Great story times!

9) Chick Fil A- The one on Whitesburg has an outdoor play place, the one on Memorial by the Walmart has an indoor playplace.

10) Big spring Park- Lots of ducks so the kids love it but the goose goop groses me out some times. There's a great little restaurant right next to it with a patio so if your lucky you can get yourself a nice glass of wine.

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