Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm a Fickle Pickle when it comes to decorating.

I'm a Fickle Pickle when it comes to decorating.

So I like projects that are quick and cheap to revamp if I have a mood change, or if I want to change the look for the holidays. With my last ventures with my 12x12 pieces of "art" I really wanted to add something bright to our drab living room. But I think I overshot and was a little schizophrenic in my choices. This time I went to Walmart and selected a pre-matched pack of paper for $5 for the whole pack. it comes with lots of paper! 

Doing it this way cost a lot less time staring at scrapbook paper and coordinating (although that may come naturally to some I really have to work at it. ) If you'll remember last time I went to Hobby Lobby to do this it cost me 2 hours and the paper ended up being more expensive when you buy it by the page. Since I never decoupaged the paper on it was really easy to peel off my old paper (don't worry I have re-purposing plans for it!) and this time I just used 4 rolled up pieces of tape in each corner to put the paper on. Super easy and I feel better. You could totally do this with seasonal scrap booking paper too for some quick holiday cheer. Or you can do like my awesomely creative mom did when I was a kid and make the squares look like presents by wrapping them with wrapping paper and ribbon. 
Because I have so much scrapbook paper left over that coordinates in the pack I bought. I'm going to make some coordinating coasters and more funzies. Pictures to come!

Love from Alabama!

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