Sunday, November 13, 2011

Homemade christmas gifts #1: Coasters

I would love to go out and buy wonderful Christmas gifts for everyone I love but unfortunately we are just not at the salary level in our lives. To show how much I care I put a lot of time (instead of money) into my gifts. Of course I still try to find the simple crafts so I don't drown in the feelings of being overwhelmed.

That said if your interested in doing the same I'll be posting some of my homemade Christmas gift so you can get some ideas too. if you have even better ideas please let me know!!!
Craft #1: Personalized Coasters

I went to Home depot today and got 12 tiles for $0.13 each- so far so good! Then I went to the isle with the felt pads for going under appliances and I bought some 3/4" 9mm clear appliance protectors. $2 for a pack of 16 so I bought a few packs. Still doing good. I also used Mod Podge and scrapbook paper, both stuff I have used from other crafts so no additional cost but if you wanted to coordinate you could go get a $5 pack at walmart or Hobby Lobby and be good to go and have extras.

I cut out my scrapbook paper in the square of the tile, and made the design I wanted with any additional scrapbook paper over it. Then I did a thin layer of Mod Podge on the tile and put my first square of paper over it-let it dry-ad added the next layer until I was done. After all the layers were on I let them dry and did one final layer over it to seal everything. I put one protector pad in each corner of the square. They just stick right on and all Done! What do you think?

 Of course I made the first set as an experiment for myself because I didn't know how they would turn out.
 My sister gave me some wonderful homemade coasters for christmas last year and I loved them but they are her craft so you'll have to wait for her to start a blog so you can see them.
(Or until I ask her if I can post them)

Next I made my sister-in-law some. She is wonderfully tomboyish so I toned down the girly stuff. I can show her Christmas presents on my blog because I'm pretty certain she will not look up "how to crafting sites" anytime soon and accidentally stumble upon it.
She is very interested in Asian culture particularly Japanese so I did some red and blacks and found some Japanese phrases that she might appreciate. I hope they are really what they say they are because she will know if they're not!
I also found a clip art of a red haired ninja with green eyes that reminds me a lot of her so I put it on the decor and it Japanese is (hopefully) says "ninja in training." Not my style but possibly hers. She's not one to use coasters but maybe if I put a ninja on them she is more likely to. She just bought her own house and is in college some I thought now would be a good time to gradually introduce her to housewarming gifts like coasters.

I also put her initials on some for funzies.
 This picture has my next craft in it too, I took this pic to show that they coordinated. But I will post more on that craft tomorrow because I am tired.

Goodnight Alabama!

Ps. That guy in the picture with her is the guy from Boondock Saints. Pretty cool huh? That's a pic she needs framed.

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