Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A go or too granny?

Thrift stores are so great to shop at because when I go to look for craft stuff I can look for clothes for me, my husband, and my kids. If I go on half off day there is barely ever any guilt or buyers remorse about my new found treasures. Fashionable always seems to flirt a very thin line with ridiculous looking. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying fashion itself is ridiculous on the contrary I think it is a beautiful artistic expression and display of the beauty among Gods creation if done properly. Often the predicament I find myself in is wanting to be gutsy with fashion but not knowing where I cross that line of just looking silly. It's hard when women are constantly bombarded with fashion magazine full of unwearable or expensive items or items that only look good if your a size -2 and emaciated. How does modern fashion translate to the modest middle class woman? 

I don't know. seriously. That's why I'm asking you. I do my best to get by and just enjoy my treasures and fashion adventures from the thrift store but now with all these newfangled blogs and pin it sites I thought i might as well get some peoples oppinions before I go a wearing this stuff out in public.

So today's fashion question: Cable knit sleeveless sweater. 
 A vintage go or Granny no-no?
I would have showed you a picture of me modeling them but I am to embarrassed to ask my husband to take a pic for me and I am just not a fan of cell phone in the mirror pictures. Anyway you visualize and then criticize. Advice is always welcome.


All right here it is. I wore it for Thanksgiving. It looks festive like that to me. Remember I am definitely no model and I'm pretty sure I already had my helping(s) of Kahlua and Coffee before my sister took this picture. But what do you think? I added a long sleeve as suggested. and I think it looks great and comfy all at the same time.


  1. I like this look for you! I like this color of red on blondes. The flowers are subtle. The cap-style sleeves are awesomely 70s/80s. The other pieces bring it up to vintage-modern. I think it would look great with a snug, white (or other coordinating), long-sleeve tissue tee underneath, a pair of flares or skinny pants, and boots.

  2. Wow. Melissa I feel like you should be a fashion editor your have some awesome input. We need to go shopping together sometime so you can help me out. You talked me into it. I'm gonna try it. And now that you mentioned it I actually do have a white long sleeve tissue tee. Good eye!